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Become an Approved Training Employer (ATE)

Approved Training Employers (ATEs) are organisations in which MICPA candidates can gain relevant practical experience – a prerequisite for membership admission. ATEs provide support to develop candidates undertaking the MICPA-CAANZ Programme primarily by assigning an experienced mentor to oversee the training and development needs of candidates.

ATEs provide sufficient study and examination leave to allow candidates to prepare for the Institute’s examinations.  In addition, ATEs provide candidates with access to resources such as a library, professional journals and relevant online resources.

ATEs are broadly categorised into Approved Accounting Firms and Approved Training Organisations. Organisations based in Malaysia and outside of Malaysia may apply to become ATEs.

Please contact the Institute’s Membership Services Department to find out more about becoming an ATE.


Benefits as Approved Training Employer

The Institute supports ATEs in the following ways:

  • Provide an avenue for ATEs to recruit top talent primarily from Malaysian and Australian universities.
  • Groom organisation’s talent enrolled in MICPA-CAANZ Programme to enhance professional attributes
  • Staff from ATEs entitled to member rates for group registration in training events organised by the Institute.
  • Entitled to double-deduction for training costs incurred under the Students Sponsorship Programme (SSP) up to RM5,000 per intern per year of assessment.
Approved Training Organisations

Organisations may apply to become an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) to support employees who wish to undertake the MICPA-CAANZ Programme.

The organisation must identify a Training Supervisor who is a member of MICPA or an approved professional accounting body. A training scheme must be in place to ensure that candidates receive the necessary support and mentorship  needed for their professional development.

Find out more about applying as an ATO here.

Approved Accounting Firms

Firms whereby MICPA members hold a practising certificate are designated as CPA firms. The practical experience gained by MICPA candidates while employed in CPA firms is recognised as relevant practical experience for membership admission.

Find out more about applying for a practising certificate here.


Become a Participating Employer under the SSP

ATEs are encouraged to participate in MICPA’s  Students Sponsorship Programme (SSP).  SSP employers have the opportunity to recruit SSP applicants who are selected from a pool of top accounting degree students in Malaysian universities.

SSP employers also enjoy a tax incentive due to the endorsement of MICPA’s SSP as a Structured Internship Programme (SIP) by Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp)

Find out more about the SSP here.


Endorsement by TalentCorp

As part of the effort to facilitate the process of nurturing highly-skilled human capital in support of the country’s economic development, TalentCorp, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), has initiated a Structured Internship Programme (SIP) –  a company that hires interns to undergo a Structured Internship Programme that has been endorsed by TalentCorp, is eligible for double tax deduction on all related expenses incurred on the interns.

On March 8, 2012, the MICPA SSP became the first internship programme to be endorsed as a Structured Internship Programme by TalentCorp. This endorsement will be renewable on a yearly basis. According to the endorsement, the following costs incurred for the SSP are eligible for double deduction:

Training costs

The training costs covering student registration fee, student annual fee, exemption fee and module fees for Financial Accounting & Reporting and Taxation modules are eligible for double deduction up to RM5,000 for each student for a year of assessment (Para 3 and 4 of the Income Tax Rules).

Find out more about TalentCorp’s Structured Internship Programme here.

Internship allowances

The internship allowances paid to students during internship period are eligible for double deduction provided that the internship monthly allowance is not less than RM500 (Para 4 of the Income Tax Rules).


Recruitment via MICPA’s website

MICPA provides members the benefit of placing recruitment advertisements on the MICPA website for one (1) month without cost.

The advertisements will be posted here.

Those interested to do so should send an email to