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Accounting Considerations due to the Impact of COVID-19
Audit Considerations in respect of Going Concern due to Impact of COVID-19
A Fascinating ‘Virtual Practice Tour to Hanul LLC, South Korea’!
Commentaries on Consolidated Financial Statements Between MFRS & MPSAS
Common Observations 2020 – 2022 Arising from the Review of Audited Financial Statements of Public Listed Companies
Communication of Long-term Value Creation
COVID 19 Determining Materiality
Economic Update & Outlook 2023: A Slowing Global Economy Amid Rising Inflationary Pressure
Economic Outlook 2022: A Year Defined By Headwinds
Frequently Asked Questions on Anti-Money Laundering, Countering Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) and Targeted Financial Sanctions (“TFS”) for Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (“DNFBPs”) & Non-Bank Financial Institutions (“NBFIs”) Policy Document for Professional Accountants in Public Practice
MICPA-BDO Common Transfer Pricing Challenges in Malaysia
MICPA-Deloitte Tax Reforms: The Way Forward for the Malaysian Tax System
MICPA-EY Setting the ESG Agenda to Achieve Sustainable Long-term Value
MICPA-GT COVID-19 Pandemic: Considerations for Assurance Engagements – Inventory Observations
MICPA-GT COVID-19 Pandemic: Performing Roll-forward and Roll-back Procedures
MICPA-GT ESG Impacts on Audit Engagements
MICPA-GT Insights into MFRS 136: Allocating Assets to Cash-generating Units and Allocating Goodwill to Cash Generating-units
MICPA-GT Insights into MFRS 136: Identifying Cash-generating Units
MICPA-KPMG Accelerating Technology Transformation on the Road to Recovery
MICPA-KPMG Developing Malaysia’s Roadmap to Net Zero
MICPA-KPMG Supercharge ESG with Technology
MICPA-MARC Its Survivability not Economic Efficiency
MICPA-MARC Economic Update & Outlook 2022
MICPA-MARC Malaysia Economic Outlook 2021
MICPA-MARC Economic Outlook 2020
MICPA-MARC Malaysia Economic Update & Outlook 2021
MICPA-MARC Structural Economic Reforms : No Time to Lose
MICPA-MIA Tax Governance Guide
MICPA-PwC Investor Survey 2022 Report
Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19: Learning Points
Net Zero Emissions
New Age of Technology for Accountants
New Corporate Liability for Corruption Offences Section 17A of the MACC Act 2009
Reinventing the Role of a CFO in Recovering from the Pandemic
Shifting Strategy Priorities
Supply Chain Net Zero
Technology and Innovation Directory 2021
The Future of Energy – Renewable Energy