Why Accounting?

Diversity of Work

As an accountant, there is a wide field of work that you can get into – it’s not just all number-crunching! Accountants are highly regarded in the business world. Many accountants go on to have very diverse careers, becoming CEOs, CFOs, entrepreneurs and so much more. It is important that an accountant be an all-rounded professional, equipped with technical knowledge and possess the right soft skills necessary to succeed in the industry. Being a professional sets you apart as one who leads, innovates, value-adds and is a trustworthy source of knowledge and advice.

Here are some areas of work that an accountant can choose to practise in:

Areas of Work

Salary Scales

Ever thought about how much you could be earning per month as an accountant?  Here are some of the starting salaries of common roles held by accountants (Source: Jobstreet Malaysia 2011)

  • Chief Finance Officer: RM10,000 – RM18,000
  • Financial Controller: RM9,000 – RM14,800
  • Finance Manager: RM5,000 – RM11,000
  • Accounts Executive: RM1,400 – RM3,400
  • Audit Assistant/ Executive: RM2,150 – RM3,800


We need to have both theory and practical knowledge. Our work experience definitely helps in our exams, especially because they are open book. It provides us with valuable industry knowledge which helps in understanding accounting theories and answering exam questions.

Vimalashankar Navarathnam
Gold Medal Winner of MICPA’s Audit & Assurance Module
Employee of Ernst & Young
Bachelor or Accounting Graduate, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia

Student Testimonial - Vimalashankar Navarathnam

I believe that the combination of working and studying gives me an added edge over my peers. This is because working provides knowledge and hands on experience, which can be extremely useful and applicable to my studies. It also develops time management and planning skills, which are essential skill sets in the audit field.

Yvonne Lai
Gold Medal Winner of MICPA’s Management Accounting & Applied Finance Module
Employee of Deloitte
Bachelor of Accounting Graduate, University of Melbourne, Australia

Student Testimonial - Yvonne Lai