Introducing MICPA’s New Logo



We are proud to announce the launch of the Institute’s new logo as part of its re-branding efforts. The Council made the decision in end-2019 to reinstate the acronym of the Institute’s full name into the logo to reflect “MICPA” rather than “CPA Malaysia” for clarity of identity to the general public. The Institute has grown and developed over the decades as the only Malaysian professional body, being well-known as “MACPA” since its inception in 1958, and later “MICPA” since 2002.

A Task Force was set up in early 2020 to work on the development and selection of logo options for the Council’s consideration. After due deliberation, variants of this logo design were provided to the Council. It is very much similar to the previous logo to ensure that those who were familiar with the ‘CPA Malaysia’ logo design can easily connect it with the new design and form an association between the two.

The colour maroon also remained the preferred colour of choice for the Institute’s brand. This colour represents uniqueness, professionalism and exclusivity, and boosts a person’s energy level, symbolising passion. This particular shade of maroon was enhanced to a brighter shade to bring more vibrancy and youthfulness into the brand. The alphabet ‘A’ in this design is a nod to the older logo. Lastly, the straight line in between the words MICPA and Malaysia depicts stability, balance, strength and professionalism.

Many thanks go out to the Task Force and Council members and members who contributed their time, ideas and feedback towards this logo change exercise. We hope that members of the Institute will continue to carry the MICPA name with pride, and to be ambassadors of the brand wherever you may be.