MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme



The Advanced Stage Examination (ASE) of the MICPA Programme is a unique collaboration between MICPA and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) which leads to 2 qualifications and memberships upon completion of the following components:

  • ASE Subjects
  • 3 years of mentored approved work experience with an Approved Training Employer (ATE)

Entry into the ASE is for those from an accredited degree in Accounting, or for those who have completed the Institute’s Professional Stage Examination (PSE) or MICPA Conversion Programme (MCP).


The ASE subjects are designed to be self-study, to provide candidates with the autonomy to manage their time whilst coping with their work schedules. Ample resources are available, including access to an online learning portal to support a candidate’s progress through the Programme.

This combination creates an environment that encourages our candidates to develop strong technical skills, appropriate values, ethics and attitudes, outstanding professional competence and an exciting future in which they are capable of making a positive contribution to the profession and society.

Our holistic approach to the development of competencies fulfils employer and public expectations that our professionals can be relied on to provide accurate, complete and independent information and advice.

Since 2019, candidates have the option of undertaking the subjects on a full-time basis, and can complete all subjects prior to commencing the mentored practical experience with an ATE. The practical experience is counted only for registered candidates who are attached to an ATE and in a relevant field of work.

Graduates of our Programme are entitled to memberships with both MICPA and CA ANZ, and therefore the use of 2 titles – Certified Public Accountant, Malaysia or CPA (M), and Chartered Accountant, Australia & New Zealand, or CA (ANZ).

The MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme

The MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme will commence in Term 1, 2022 and will help candidates become equipped with diverse capabilities to:

  • Effectively operate through and lead digital transformation.
  • Understand the implications that data and technology have on business decision making, risk management, and performance analysis.
  • Assess, navigate, and leverage emerging technologies.
  • Take the lead in volatile environments and solve complex business problems through adaptive,
    and critical thinking.
  • Understand the needs of diverse team members and stakeholders through better communication, collaboration, and influence.

Curriculum changes

  • Relevant content to meet industry needs:
    Subjects will focus on topics such as Risk, Ethics, Governance & Technology.
  • Embedded Professional Skills across the entire programme:
    Focusing on the capabilities required for future success, the MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme will offer real world engagement, authentic simulations & challenges taught in context.
  • Electives created to improve learning relevance & choice:
    Providing increased candidate choice, the program will include Specialty Assurance & Financial Reporting content as electives. Additional content has also been added for data analytics & insights, strategy & performance &financial modelling.
  • Content covered at university treated as assumed knowledge:
    Allowing a focus on content to improve upon candidates existing knowledge, freeing up space to develop high value technical & professional skills.

The Programme, coupled with three years of mentored practical experience is designed to create well-rounded business leaders striving to make a difference. They’ll be equipped with the unique skills, the expertise and the vision needed to become trusted partners in business. They’ll also be prepared for the challenges of the present and future as they help to shape the course of companies, organisations, and economies around the world.

Programme Subjects

The MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme offers a balanced curriculum between technical & professional capabilities, as well as the introduction of future priorities for the accounting profession. It allows for greater specialisation through elective content, & the hours have been adjusted for personalised, & impactful learning.


Key features:

  • 4 terms offered per year (Refer to Scheduling on the MICPA website)
  • Full-time or part-time study.
  • Candidates may commence the Programme as early as Year 3 of an accredited Degree. (Terms & conditions apply)
  • Can complete all subjects within 1 year for full-time study, or within 2 or more years part-time
  • Self-study or tuition support available (Refer to Tuition Service Providers on the MICPA website)
  • Open book assessments train candidates to think critically & analytically, to problem-solve & provide
    workable solutions
  • Workshops & group work encourage development of people skills, teamwork & self-confidence in a safe
  • *Fully coursework-based subjects
  • Subjects with an invigilated exam component will have the exams conducted online & invigilated
  • In Malaysia, the Taxation subject is based on Malaysian taxation laws
  • For each subject, candidates receive the Study Guide digitally
  • Subject Discussion Forums: Discussion forums are where candidates can ask questions & contribute to
    discussions in the learning portal.

The subject outlines & descriptions can be found at the links below:

Code Subject Name
Core 1 Ethics & Business (EB)
Core 2 Risk & Technology (RT)
Core 3 Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
Core 4 Taxation (MY) (TAXMY)
Core 5 Business Performance (BP)
Core 6 Audit & Risk (AR)
Core 7 Integrated Chartered Accounting Practice (ICAP)
Elective 2 Assurance (ASR)
Elective 3 Data Analytics & Insights (DAI)
Elective 4 Strategy & Performance (SP)
Elective 5 Financial Modelling (FM)
Elective 6 Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR)
Elective 7 Sustainability for Accountants (SFA)
Entry Requirements & Exemptions Granted

Recognised Qualifications

Direct entry into the MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme is a Degree in Accounting from universities accredited by MICPA or CA ANZ.

List of universities accredited by MICPA
List of universities accredited by CA ANZ

Candidates must have completed core accounting subjects at university-level in order to commence the Programme. Our Education Department will review your academic transcripts and inform you if there are any pre-requisite subjects that need to be completed at the point of registration as a candidate of the Programme.

Non-accounting degree holders from accredited universities will need to undergo the Conversion Programme before embarking on the ASE.

Information on the MICPA Conversion Programme
Practical Experience

We require candidates to be employed with an Approved Training Employer (ATE) to fulfil the 3 years of relevant practical experience

List of ATEs
Practical Experience Requirement
Plan Your Journey

Candidates are given a duration of 8 years from the time of registration as a candidate to complete the MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme.

There are 4 terms offered each year, and candidates are allowed to sit for up to two (2) subjects per term.

It is important to note the subject enrolment dates and ensure that the candidate registration process is complete well before enrolling for your first subject.

Programme Time-Table

Candidates should also adhere to the following co-requisite & pre-requisite requirements when planning which subjects to take:

Subject Pre-requisite
Upon commencement of the Programme Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB)
Core 2: Risk & Technology (RT) Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB) (Also a co-requisite*)
Core 3: Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB) (Also a co-requisite*)
Core 4: Taxation (MY) (TAXMY) Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB) (Also a co-requisite*)
Core 5: Business Performance (BP) Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB)
Core 2: Risk & Technology (RT)
Core 6: Audit & Risk (AR) Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB)
Core 3: Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)
Core 7: Integrated Chartered Accounting Practice (ICAP) All Core Subjects
Elective: Assurance Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB) & Audit & Risk (AR)
Elective: Data Analytics & Insights
Elective: Strategy & Performance
Elective: Financial Modelling
Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB)
Elective: Advanced Financial Reporting Core 1: Ethics & Business (EB) & Core 3: Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)

*Note: Core 1: Ethics & Business is also listed as a co-requisite for Core 2: Risk &Technology, Core 3: Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Core 4: Taxation (MY) which means candidates can enrol in Ethics & Business alongside one of those other subjects. If a candidate fails Ethics & Business, they will be allowed to continue to complete the co-requisite core subject, but will need to pass Ethics & Business before commencing any subject that requires it as a pre-requisite

MICPA x CA ANZ Qualifying Programme Brochure
Programme Costs

I chose the MICPA Programme because I wanted to qualify as a member of both professional bodies – MICPA & CA ANZ. Secondly, this Programme can be completed rather quickly. I completed it within 2.5 years as a part-time candidate. The Programme helped in giving me the latest updates in the profession & equipped me with up-to-date changes in accounting standards which was transferrable to my professional career pathway. The structure of the Programme was also very useful in developing critical thinking & public speaking skills, especially through the Capstone module, which required us to showcase the application of the skills & knowledge gained from the other modules which was crucial in my professional journey.

Sohan Akaash Singh
Most Outstanding MICPA Student Award 2019
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance, Sunway University, Malaysia

Student Testimonial - Sohan Akaash Singh

The MICPA Programme was a good choice for me because of its unique proposition of delivering a dual qualification. I also appreciated that it was flexible, & I could self-study for the exams. The modules are not purely exam-based but consisted of collaborative learning within the cohort. I do believe that develops problem-solving skills as a team which is useful in the working world & has improved my skills as a problem-solver.

Rachel Cheok Sue Lynn
Most Outstanding MICPA Student Award 2020
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), University of Melbourne, Australia

Student Testimonial - Rachel Cheok Sue Lynn