Tips To Ace That Exam! (Part 1 of 3)

Date Published: April 16, 2014
Are you worried about doing well in your exams? Well, don’t be. If you’ve studied and paid attention in class you will be fine. However, we would like to help ease your stress and overcome your fears with some tips.

But, before we get to the tips let’s run through a few important steps to ensure you are on the right track towards taking your exams:

Daily revision – Every topic builds on a previous topic, especially for accounting. So make sure you understand the previous chapter before moving on to the next. If you are unsure about something always clarify your doubts with your lecturer.
Know the technical aspects of the subject – Accounting is all about applying the technical knowledge you’ve learnt. Strive to understand the why behind the application of a certain accounting method. Once you understand the why it will be easy for you to apply it again to other questions. You won’t need to memorize as much.
Make the most of your lectures – Come to class prepared. Read-up on the current topic and get a few exercises done so that you are familiar with the topic. Be brave to ask questions – no one is going to ask them for you. Don’t miss classes and take notes as it will help you remember what it is you are studying.

In the next part of our Tips to Ace That Exam! series, we will be sharing with you the Top Exam Tips that you can apply when preparing for your examinations. In the meantime do Like us on Facebook and remember to share this useful article with your friends. Till next time, all the best in your studies!

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Part 3 of the Tips To Ace That Exam! Series.

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